There are many reasons to replace or install new windows and doors. Our high energy rated windows, as discussed below, can drastically reduce your energy bills. This automatically translates to improved control over your heating and increased comfort levels for yourself and your family.

Another aspect at the core of our business is to provide customer with aesthetically pleasing windows which improve the style and character of their home. We can provide windows in a range of unique finishes, from Golden Oak to Rosewood exteriors to any number of colours. You can see our attention to detail from our Gallery page. Installing windows and doors which match and enhance your property’s unique character will set it out from others on the street and also ultimately improve on its resale value.

With Windoors you will be taking away all of the above, but additionally you can have the peace of mind with industry leading warranties, in addition to a competitive pricing structure!

Is all Double Glazing made equal?

No! At Windoors we know that there are many aspects to securing an energy efficient window. Having just “Double Glazing” is not enough, especially with the growing emphasis on decreasing energy consumption for the environment. Window Energy Ratings (WER) is a guide to the energy performance of your windows. The British Federation Ratings Council is the UK industry’s trade association, and its rating scheme uses energy labels, much like those found on electrical appliances like refrigerators. The energy efficiency rating goes from A to G with A being the most energy efficient.

The latest Building Regulations require all new homes to have a minimum ‘C’ WER rating. This is a useful benchmark to consider when choosing replacement windows and many companies will deliver at this rating.

We however strive for the best, you can be rest assured that the windows found at WindoorsInt will are rated at the top of this rating system. We only aim to achieve “A” rated windows as there is no substitute for quality. This is because our windows feature an advanced multi-chamber frame delivering insulation to your uPVC window frame as well as the glass. While some manufacturers fill their double glazing with room air leading to poor thermal efficiency, our Windows are filled with an inert gas “Argon” to further increase their thermal efficiency.


WindoorsInt is a conglomerate of latest technology with the greatest tools, offering you a complete line of windows, doors and many other house building or refurbishing accessories.


We understand that the best installation will not last if the window itself is of poor quality. That’s why we offer high quality branded products to our clients. With best material used in building them and superior quality finish our products resist fading and last longer than other cheaper products in market.


When it comes to thermal efficiency our products easily surpass the highest industry standards. So you can spend a lot less on heating and air conditioning and still be more comfortable than ever.

Even the heaviest rains and winds are no threat to our products due to high quality design and finish. With structural reinforcements used in our products they are not only secure but also protect your house from harsh weather conditions while keeping your house well lit and ventilated.


Only the highest quality raw material is used to in our product line that makes our products durable and in the long run cost effective. Our products are designed and engineered with builders and renovators in mind; WindoorsInt offers the quality construction you have come to trust. Impact resistant products that offer low maintenance, energy efficiency, smooth operation and are virtually indestructible.


We are proud to say that all our products use green technology to minimize environmental impact. Options to maximize or reduce solar heat gain reduce your energy usage.


With the most extensive selection on the market, you can find the perfect shape, style, and size to suit your home. And endless customization options means that we find the combination of features that works best for you.


At WindoorsInt , we understand that home renovations can be stressful. We understand that we are not on a work site we are in your home. That is why we take the utmost care in your home during your window or door installation. We leave your home as neat and clean as before we arrived. We take pride in our work, while working efficiently, so that you can enjoy your new windows and doors without the wait.