Energy efficiency rating is now one of the things that people pay attention to when they search for double installers. This is because by switching your windows to energy efficient windows, you could be saving a lot of money on your household bills as well as energy itself.


Window Energy Ratings (WER) is a guide to the energy performance of your windows. The British Federation Ratings Council is the UK industry’s trade association, and its rating scheme uses energy labels much like those found on electrical appliances that use a lot of energy, like refrigerators. The energy efficiency rating goes from A to G where A is best – the higher the energy rating, the more energy efficient product is.

The latest Building Regulations require all new homes to have a minimum ‘C’ WER rating. This is auseful benchmark to consider when choosing replacement windows.

You can rest assured that the windows found at WindoorsInt will are rated highest in this rating system. This is because our windows feature an advanced multi-chamber outer frame and uPVC for best thermal efficiency. In other words, our frames are used to create one of the most energy efficient uPVC double-glazed windows available in the UK. You can also be sure that our manufacturing methods are sustainable and environment friendly.


Following are some of the benefits of energy efficient double :

  • Energy efficient could save you hundreds pounds per year on your energy bills.
  • Energy efficient reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
  • By using less power for heating or cooling, you’ll generate less carbon dioxide (CO2) that leads to healthier environment.
  • As well as keeping the heating energy efficient windows insulate your home better against unwanted outside noise.
  • Energy efficient windows, when installed properly, can pay for themselves in lower heating and cooling costs over a period of years. Taken together with improved comfort and appearance, high performance windows are one investment every home can benefit from.