Sunny, attractive and spacious are just a few words that describe bay and bow windows from WindoorsInt . Create a breath-taking focal point in your home with a custom made bay or bow window. These handcrafted bay and bow windows feature our energy-efficient uPVC window columns combined with high quality glass.

Since all WindoorsInt windows are custom-made for your home, you have a wide array of choices to enhance the appeal of your home. Bow and bay windows are available with casement windows, single hung windows, or fixed window vents. Select a roof style for your bay and bow windows that will accentuate the architecture of your home.

Bay windows combine three or more windows in a single unit. They have a large center window flanked by two or more smaller windows. The smaller side windows are typically at a 30, 45, 60-degree angle to the wall. With a bay window design you can include sections that open, allowing for many ventilation options.

The main difference between bay and bow windows relates to the amount of windows in each single unit and the curve that they form. Bay windows form an arc or polygon, but when the bay window closely approaches an arc, the window is called a bow. Furthermore, bay windows typically consist of three windows joined together and the center window is usually fixed. The side windows are generally operating single-hung or casement windows.


Following are the few silent features of bay and bow windows:

  • Fully fused frame designed for strength and increased glass life; combined with jambs, head and seat they become an integral part of your home.
  • Hand crafted to your specifications.
  • High performance hardware and multi-point locking systems make them safe and secure.
  • High performance insulated glass provides the highest energy efficiency and filters out harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Energy efficient double strength glass reduces noise transmission for quieter homes.
  • Every window is designed and manufactured individually to meet client’s specifications and assuring the highest quality standards are maintained.