Maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your home is important. Whatever your home looks like reflects not only the relationship you have in your family, but also your own characteristics. Apart from these, making sure that the materials you use in your home are of top quality guarantees the security and safety of your family while enjoying the comforts of your own home.

uPVC Conservatories are found to be something of top quality it is equipped with complex chambers and structures made from guaranteed strong materials, allowing you to experience high rated weatherproofing technology. It acts as an efficient thermal barrier, allowing your home to be protected from cold during winters and heat during summers.

In a Double Glazed uPVC, the weatherproof capability of the said material is very efficient. If you can reduce heat loss to about sixty percent (60%) using a single pane window, in Double Glazed windows, you could substantially stop the heat loss, allowing you to save money quickly, up to about ten to 12 percent (10-12%) of your heating costs.

When it comes to security, Double Glazed uPVC Conservatories are made up of very thick panes of glass, making them very hard to break. This secures the residents of the home from possible breaking in incidents. It also provides an excellent soundproofing capability, allowing you to experience peace and tranquility away from the noisy environment.

Materials used in creating double glazed windows will depend according to your preference. From its main frame up to its very core, you are provided with a list of options which will help you decide which one you would find suitable for your home. Such materials are usually equipped with insulating properties that helps enhance its capability to be weatherproof and serve its purpose as it is.


At WindoorsInt we feel that the purchase of a new conservatory is not only a major home improvement, adding value and style to your property but also a project that demands a highly professional approach to ensure that the process is as simple and hassle free to YOU, the customer.

All our conservatories are custom built, which means that your conservatory is unique to you. Our conservatories are designed and built to give you all year round pleasure.


We offer the complete A-Z service with the building of your conservatory. All base construction, floor, roof, windows, doors, electrics, plastering and finishing is carried out in-house by our own craftsmen so you won’t need any other tradesmen to finish your dream conservatory. Don’t be fooled, not all conservatory companies are the same, WindoorsInt offer you top quality product selection and installation with rock solid guarantees.


Our conservatory systems have been successfully used to construct both modern and traditional styles of conservatories including:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Georgian
  • Lean to
  • Sun rooms


Our conservatory products are available in the following finishes;

  • White
  • Rosewood
  • Mahogany
  • Golden Oak, Irish Oak
  • White interior – Color Exterior


Our uPVC products are not affected by airborne pollution, salt, ozone or acid rain. In order to maintain the superior appearance of our conservatories, frames should be wiped with a mild liquid detergent as required.