WindoorsInt offers a complete ‘start to finish’ porch service. A well designed porch adds appeal and value to your home. Whether you require a modular uPVC porch, a brick wall and tiled roof porch or something completely unique – we can design and build if for you.

We only use quality materials in all of our porch construction and only fit our high specification windows and doors. Porches are generally made up of complex chambers that help prevent heat loss up to sixty percent. Its weatherproofing technology allows you to enjoy heat even in the middle of winter and helps cool your homes during summer. They are durable and strong enough to secure your family’s safety.

Another benefit to the environment and to your comfort these types of windows bring is its soundproofing capability. Its thickness helps prevent the noise from the other side of the window, allowing you to experience peace and tranquility, away from the noise pollution from the outside.


All doors and windows incorporated within the design of your new porch will include the latest locking systems ensuring your home is totally secure and because we only use energy efficient double glazed units and doors your home will be protected from energy wasting draughts helping to reduce your fuel bills.


WindoorsInt offers a fantastic selection of colors for your porch, including white, various colors or even a wood grain effect. This choice of colors enables you to either match the existing style of your home to your new porch or maybe go for something completely different but complimentary in appearance.


Adding even more character to your new porch can be achieved by considering the addition of beautiful glass designs incorporated into your double glazed units including beveled glass, colored glass and leaded glass designs. All aspects of your porch installation will comply with current building regulations.