WindoorsInt offers sliding windows in 2 or 3 window configurations or alternately with fixed windows above sliders. Let our sliders open your home to a new breath of air. Its smooth and effortless operation features a sleek and progressive design.

Sliding windows are a great addition to any room. Often, sliding windows fall prey to winter’s worst winds. But our frame design is not only stylish on the outside, the curves in the extrusion add tremendous strength to the structure, guaranteeing year after year of virtual airtight performance.

We also have lift-out sashes making cleaning quick and easy. Added features such as extra weather-stripping and fully fused frame ensure durability. Our windows are manufactured to such high standards that when locked, there is virtually no slope or movement. Sliders have all the great features of typical windows with added advantage of smooth open and close slider function.

Our customized design allows you to choose which way and what part of window is slider and which part stays stationary.


Following are the distinguished features of sliding windows:

  • Thick uPVC frame with precision fusion ensures maximum structural integrity.
  • Sashes make cleaning a quick and easy.
  • Unobstructed operation allows easy sliding.
  • All-uPVC multi-chamber design and multiple weather-stripping deliver amazing energy performance.
  • Coextruded sash for superior air and water tightness.
  • Key design component are designed to withstand high speed winds.
  • Outstanding insulation result in noise reduction and thermal efficiency.
  • Remarkably sturdy, built for years of tough use.
  • Wide range of uPVC extensions, inside trims, moldings, and corner blocks for enhanced finishing inside and out.